Intel showed its first discrete graphics card

Intel at CES 2020 in Las Vegas presented its first in 20 years discrete graphics card – Intel DG1. Although the chip maker has clearly signaled that it wants to strengthen competition on the market of graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, in the free market to produce the novelty is not planned.

Told DG1 little. In fact, that show Intel is the integrated graphics of the next generation, separated from the CPU. Built graphics card on the weakest microarchitecture Xe LP for laptops with chips of Tiger Lake, writes The Verge.

No performance DG1 were not disclosed. To demonstrate the discrete accelerator Intel confidently coped with the game Destiny 2 at 60 fps at 1080p resolution, but this is to judge the capabilities of a novelty difficult. Probably, this model chip will be promoted as an energy efficient solution, not the most powerful. In the future the company will offer a more productive architecture: HP Xe desktop Xe for HPC servers.

moreover, ordinary consumers to buy DG1 will not. To put it will be solely for developers so they made sure that their projects are ready for the next generation Intel graphics.

Text: To.Hi-tech