89,336 corona cases were reported to the RKI yesterday.

Compared to the previous week, there was an increase of eleven percent.

This is the eighth consecutive week-on-week increase.

The 7-day corona incidence continues to rise, from 618 to 633.

Today it is rising in 12 of the 16 federal states.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is the first East German federal state to reach the 500 mark.

According to the Divi register, 799 corona patients were treated in intensive care nationwide on Friday.

For the first time this year, occupancy is above the previous year’s level.

Compared to the peak values ​​from 2020 and 2021, the number of Covid 19 cases in intensive care units is still low.

The RKI itself also points out in its new weekly report that the number of patients newly admitted to hospital because of an acute severe respiratory infection (recorded in another statistic) is “still low”.

“Especially in the age groups under 80 years” is possibly only a “secondary diagnosis” for many hospitalized Covid.

However, the upward trend in new admissions to intensive care units is quite clear.

And: The number of free intensive care beds is only a good 2700 – and thus at the lowest level since mid-December.

According to the RKI, “the proportion of free ICU beds in the total number of ICU beds that can be operated should be above ten percent, which is considered the limit of the hospitals’ ability to react”.

Since the beginning of the year, this proportion has been “at a stable level” and is “currently around 15 percent,” according to the weekly report published on Thursday.

However, the latest Divi figures calculate a lower proportion of 12.8 percent.

84 corona deaths were reported yesterday.

This brings us to 558 deceased in the current week.

That is already more than in the previous four calendar weeks.

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