International cleaning day was held on the eve of Day of memory and grief

In Russia and 20 more countries on the eve of Day of memory and grief has passed international Saturday, reports channel “Russia 24”. In the framework of the activists of the memorials and monuments, and military burial sites. Volunteers remove trash, update the paint, planted flowers and landscaped the grounds. In the subbotnik was attended by members of public associations “Volunteers” and “Search movement of Russia”.

the Event was held in Kyrgyzstan. In Bishkek on Bratsk a cemetery volunteers put in order the territory and memorials. It is planned that in the framework of the International work day volunteers will be refurbished over a thousand memorable places on the territory of Russia and other States.

To join the event and Poland. In rzeszów put in order monuments to Soviet soldiers. The action was attended by the Polish team of “Volunteers”, and local residents.

In Latvia were committed to earth the remains of soldiers killed during the Second world war. The ceremony was attended by the representative of the Ministry of defence of Latvia. He noted that during the war the inhabitants of the country were on both sides of the front, and should be treated respectfully to the fallen.

In the Paris airport Le Bourget ceremony in memory of the legendary heroes of the regiment “Normandy – Neman”. Exactly 75 years ago, June 20, 1945 French pilots returned to their homeland on Soviet aircraft “Yak-3”. It was a sign of gratitude to the French aviators from the Soviet Union.