Into space for the first time in history will the space tourist

for the First time in history signed a contract for the output space tourist into outer space. The agreement is between Rocket and space Corporation “Energy” and company Space Adventures Inc.

Short-term expedition of two members of the space flight on Board the spacecraft “Soyuz MS” on the Russian segment of the International space station will take place in 2023. It is planned that during it one of the participants of the space mission will perform the spacewalk together with a professional Russian cosmonaut.

Earlier the General Director of “Glavkosmos” Dmitry Loskutov told RIA Novosti that none of the potential or held, travelers did not wish to go into space.

On the website of RSC Energia, noted that from 2001 to 2009 thanks to the joint efforts of the Corporation and Roscosmos successfully carried out eight short-term commercial flights to the ISS Russian segment.