Intuichit is not necessary hotels in the Kuban region will be furnished with COVID-19

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin advised the Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratyev rely not on intuition but on the opinion of experts, specifying a date for the opening of hotels and resorts in the region.

according to TASS, the head of state said after the videoconference, the head of Kuban has told that in the region of the sanatorium-resort organizations will be able to work from 1 June. Kondratyev said that “we intuichit feel” when to announce the opening of boarding houses and hotels.

In response, the Russian President advised “intuichit” and rely on a real sanitary-epidemiological situation in the region, to take decisions in close contact with experts, not looking ahead.

as of may 21, in Russia revealed 317,554 cases of infection with coronavirus pneumonia of them 8849 for the last day. 92,681 recovered, 3099 died.