In the Christmas holidays the cinemas are experiencing a full house. Just two Russian paintings caused a stir with viewers. In the box-office — Comedy “Slave” — it was estimated already 3 more than three million viewers. Gaining popularity and the main Christmas surprise fiction “Invasion” by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Grand kinoatele started with the chimes and have already collected 300 million rubles.

the First spectators watch the first footage of the new film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Invasion”. The familiar characters and locations, favorite actors, surprising plot and incredible special effects. The invasion keeps the tension. Wimas in the chair, viewers feel like witnesses to a Grand disaster.

Flood, flooded the stadium “Olympic” and sticking out of the water, the spires of Moscow skyscrapers — it is only the attributes of an alien invasion. The aliens unleash a new type of war — information attack, capturing everything, without which can not imagine the life of modern man: cell phones, gadgets, TV. They start shooting at the main character Julia, which opened superpowers.

now to Understand what’s really going on, who is friend and who the enemy is, where the truth and the fake, is now impossible. Against Julia, seems to have fought the whole world. And only friendship, love and fatherly care can save her country and the world.

“We have to prove that, in these difficult moments we can come together to be each other warm, to love each other. We must be careful not only when something really bad is happening, and always,” — said the actor Rinal Mukhametov.

Only for shooting new year’s day across the country, “Invasion” has already been seen by a million people. Such effects in our film has never been. The fantastic film about the real values are whole families. New picture from the master of the blockbuster of a novel — already among the leaders in the new year of hire.