Domestic films during the holidays is the leading film distribution. The first five lines just for them. Go to the movies with their families. On the first day of the new year, the record attendance at family Comedy Klim shypenko “Slave” — about the unusual method of re-education of the son of the oligarch, the parasite and the brawler. Well, is rapidly growing popularity of the sci-Fi blockbuster “Invasion” by Fyodor Bondarchuk.

the leaders of the rental on vacation — Russian films. The first blockbuster of the new year “Invasion” in a theater is 20 times a day. But an hour before the show, all the seats were occupied. It is better to buy the ticket in advance.

Fans of kynoselen “Attraction” in a hurry for a meeting with their favorite characters. What became of them, got half a million viewers.

“Playing my favorite actor Alexander Petrov. I love him very much, so it’s always in his movies, I go,” — says one of the spectators.

But “Invasion” is not so much a continuation of the space Saga about love and trying to find common ground. This is a brand new film about a terrible alien invasion on Moscow. Incredibly realistic special effects, worked on an army of animators.

“awesome! The special effects are bomber! Great movie in terms of visualization, in terms of the effects, in terms of transmission symbols. But the plot is very exciting. I loved it” — to share their enthusiasm of the audience leaving the cinema.

the main character after contact with alien superpowers appear. Julia becomes a threat to the balance of the Universe. War on her and the whole Earth is alien intelligence.

“When you see these pictures, you’re just going crazy. And you realize that it will be in AI-max. This is not exactly in Russia yet was not. Never,” said the actor Alexander Petrov.

“a Female character Central. And around this character, everything happens. AtRA is to create a movie where the women save the world”, — the actress, the performer of the title role in the film, Irina Starshenbaum.

But she, of course, can not cope. Rushes to the aid of the father-General, faced a difficult choice: to save the country or his daughter.

“had a Good cast, I love Oleg Menshikov, so it’s always nice to see him in the new film,” says a woman from Sevastopol.

“the Movie is interesting. And cried, Yes. And very experiential! Many emotions causes” — are recognized as a resident of Samara.

a Touching romantic story and interplanetary war. “Invasion” — the same Christmas movie that unites the screen to the whole family.

“I Thought that children do not like, as 12+, but they watched with an open mouth,” says their mother.

“It’s military, it’s our space forces. That’s all! It captures! This is amazing!” — recognized by the spectator in years.

leaves no One indifferent and the Comedy “Slave”. This is a story about the son of the oligarch who is suddenly a peasant in the days of serfdom. Actually, it’s a reality show, by which the father seeks careless son. “Slave” is the leader of sympathies of Russians, and new hire “Invasion” vengeance is gaining momentum.