Investigator SK was accused of receiving bribes, but the Prosecutor General's office quashed the case

Conflicting information related to the detention of senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Investigative Committee of Russia Ruslan Miniahmetov, appeared in the media on Friday, July 3. In particular, it became known that against it criminal case about bribe reception in especially large size, informs TV channel “Russia 24”. Later, the media broke the news that the case was cancelled by the Prosecutor General of Russia.

Ruslan Miniahmetov — the figure is important and at the same time non-public. He did not give interviews and rarely appeared in the lens of the cameras. At the same time, it Miniahmetov led a high-profile case of a former head of the Main Directorate of economic security and counteraction to corruption Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Denis Sugrobova, who was sentenced to 22 years. Another thing in which he was engaged, due to the machinations of the notorious enterprise “Kirovles”.

As reported by TASS, the Deputy General Prosecutor Victor grin overturned the ruling of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin on excitation of criminal case concerning Ruslana Miniahmetova.

Earlier, the IC of Russia said that the investigator allegedly received a bribe in especially large size from the accused for making decisions, which are his powers.