Investors it is time to look to the Russian market action

the Russian stock market became one of the most profitable in the past year. Index Mosberg increased by a quarter, RTS — more than 40 percent. Meanwhile, the yield on deposits in Russia has declined. So where to invest in the new year?

Money is like the expense. The question is – what? Investment, Deposit, ruble or foreign currency? Where to invest? One of the most profitable variants — the Russian stock market. In 2019 it rapidly grew and showed the greatest yield, when compared to other world sites: for every 100 rubles of investment in January could get 125 in the end of autumn, and subject to the payment of dividends and all 140.

“Quiet and very profitable Harbor” is even American investors called the Russian stock market. In November, the index Mosuri for the first time in history reached the psychological mark of 3,000 points, and from mid-October below this value has not fallen.

During the year, the figure rose by almost a quarter. Another index — RTS gained more than 40 percent. It shows how the cost of large companies in dollars. Head of investment consulting company “Tinkoff investment,” Kirill Komarov said: “the Fears of foreign investors about the slowdown in the global economy, the United States, in China, in connection with which they rebalancing their portfolios, sell us stocks. Someone increasing investments in emerging markets, including in Russia. And Russia for foreign investors is attractive for its high dividends.”

If we talk about the ruble, it has strengthened in the past year by 11 percent compared with the dollar. Western analysts said the Russian currency is a ray of light in emerging markets. In 2020, it will also bypass the main competitors.

the Long-familiar all deposits became less profitable. If you take the 10 largest banks at the end of the year they offered approximately 6 percent per annum. We are talking about deposits in rubles. And after a couple of years ago yields were double digit. Everything is explained by the reduction of the key rate. And speaking of deposits in foreign currency, to the fore external factors. Director for analysis of financial markets and macroeconomics UK “Alfa-Capital” Vladimir Bragin explains: “the Challenge for the Euro in General is very difficult, in General rates close to zero and even banks ask the Central Bank to use a negative rate to enter. On dollars also. If you look at those banks offer very low rates. This is because liquidity is cheap.”

people’s Federal loan bonds — another investment option. The minimum purchase amount of 10 thousand rubles, the maximum limit of 15 million in the Russian currency. To purchase paper is possible without a fee — Sberbank, VTB, Promsvyazbank, and Mail Banking. Yield — about 6 — 6.5 percent per year. It all depends on the specific circumstances.

the Chief of analytical management of Bank “Opening” Anna Morin explains: “For the novice investor is better to go with bonds because it is mentally closer to the Deposit. You are sure to get their money back, especially if you are in government securities, but receive a certain coupon. Best case scenario in the market can earn on the difference value.”

by the Way, January 9, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation will post the updated bonds with a three-year term to maturity. Plan to raise 15 billion rubles. Where to invest money? It’s everyone decides for himself. Importantly, the score was in favor of the investor.