Iran admitted the mistake: whether to reduce the tragedy with Boeing, the tension in the middle East

a Transcript of the flight recorders downed in Iran will lead Boeing in Ukraine. This was announced by the French Bureau of inquiry and analysis for civil aviation safety. In the Iranian Parliament, expressed his condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims. Today at a public meeting, the deputies will discuss measures related to this tragedy. Earlier, the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guard Corps acknowledged that the airliner was shot down by air defense forces of the country due to operator error.

Now, when the first emotions from the statements of official Tehran had subsided, there were estimates derived from world leaders. Almost none of them was premature. The heads of state took a pause to formulate a position. And, it seems, were choice of words. Restrained and suspended — diplomatic statement.

So, the Prime Minister of Canada, 57 of citizens who were on Board the victim of the crash Boeing, after a conversation with the President of Iran said the decision by the Islamic Republic to admit his mistake an important step.

“in Canada and around the world still have questions that need answers. I spoke with the President of Iran. I told him that the recognition of Iran is an important step for families who wanted answers. However, more needs to be done. Should be a full investigation. We need clarity of how there could be such a terrible tragedy,” — said the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

No less restrained was usually talkative and eccentric Prime Minister. Boris Johnson has urged the parties to follow the diplomatic path, not allowing a further escalation.

“the Recognition of Iran that the plane “Ukraine International airlines” was shot down by armed forces by mistake, is an important first step. This tragic incident only proves the importance of de-escalation of tensions in the region. We can all see that the expansion of the conflict will only lead to more casualties and tragedies. It is important that the leaders found the diplomapolitical methods of solving differences,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

the Main result of the investigation today, of course, made public the cause of the crash Boeing Ukrainian. It was a catastrophic mistake. Or, as today put it, the commander of aerospace forces of Islamic revolution guards Corps Amir Ali Hajizadeh is a bad decision. It took the operator calculation defense. When the system gave a signal that the approaching cruise missile (for her adopted Ukrainian Boeing), the operator wanted to contact command. But the connection was not working. The decision was 10 seconds.

As stated by the General Hajizade, the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps takes full responsibility for the tragedy. And will agree with any decision in relation to the perpetrators. We know that now they are isolated until the end of proceedings. To establish the details of the incident will help the deciphering of the black boxes. However, for understanding what really happened on the morning of last Wednesday, the Islamic revolutionary guards Corps urged not to forget about the context. At the time of the tragedy, the situation in the region was extremely tense. After warning Washington about Iran’s 52 goals that the United States intends to attack, all systems have been brought into a state of maximum readiness. The country’s armed forces have repeatedly made a request to close the sky for the movement of the civil courts. But this requirement has not been met.