Iran announced the beginning of the end

the Assassination of General Soleimani should be considered by the UN Security Council. This statement was made by the representative of the Iranian foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi. According to him, Tehran has already initiated proper meeting in the security Council. Meanwhile, Washington has threatened Iran with new strikes in the event of an escalation of the conflict from the Islamic Republic.
the Ambassador of Switzerland — a country that represents US interests in Iran since the seizure of hostages at the American Embassy in 1979-m to year, — summoned to the foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic for the third time in the last few days. Current about threats from Donald trump to strike in case of escalation of conflict with Iran.

“Iran is very safe to say about the attack on certain assets of the United States, to avenge what we have rid the world of their terrorist leader… Let this serve as a warning: if Iran strikes on Americans or American targets, we chose the 52 Iranian targets, symbolizing the 52 hostages held by Iran many years ago. And we very quickly and very hard hit these targets on Iran. USA don’t want to hear threats.” – said the American President.

According to the tradition of eloquent message trump the Iranian authorities have left unanswered. Commander of the Iranian army Abdolrahim Mousavi doubt that Washington will be able to back up words with deeds. And foreign Minister Javad Zarif reminded that the destruction of cultural heritage is a war crime and a violation of international law. Like the assassination of General Soleimani.

“grave breach of international law vile murder on Friday, Donald trump threatens to commit a new offense. The attack on cultural heritage objects is a war crime. Anyway, the end of the ill-fated US presence in West Asia has already begun,” wrote the tweet Javad Zarif.

the American press writes that Washington has begun to transfer to the middle East of American soldiers. According to various data from three to four thousand soldiers. Interestingly, to date, more than 170 Iraqi parliamentarians have signed a draft law calling to expel U.S. troops from Iraq.

Experts say that the murder Soleimani and subsequent aggressive statements trump will damage relations with its traditional allies. If London, which Washington has promised a new trade agreement after Brekzita, supports the position of the United States, the Berlin alleges a violation of international law. And Denmark and Sweden all decided to suspend their mission in Iraq under the US-led coalition. Meanwhile, the EU foreign Minister Josel Borrell has invited his Iranian counterpart in Brussels. And the Central theme this time will not save the nuclear deal and prevent a full-scale armed conflict, which will cause damage not only European, but also global security.