Iran has promised US a historical nightmare

40 people died during a stampede during the ceremony of farewell to General Soleimani, more than 200 injured. As reported by Iranian media, the funeral of the military leader had to be postponed due to too many attendees. The situation around Iran today plan to discuss the foreign Ministers of France, great Britain, Germany, Italy and the EU.

Red flags – a symbol of vengeance – flying over Iranian Kerman. Say goodbye to General Soleimani in his home province of hundreds of thousands of people. In their hands portraits of the commander. Hear anti-American slogans. In his will, the General asked me to put him into a common grave, and there to write “Soldier Qasem Soleimani”.

the country’s Parliament passed a bill in which the Pentagon and the U.S. army recognized terrorist organizations. In the Iranian security Council claim that they have prepared a tough response to Washington.

“At the moment in the security Council are 13 variants of revenge. Even the most gentle of them can be a historical nightmare for the United States. Americans know that they are vulnerable to response from Iran. If U.S. forces do not want to leave their own region, we will make sure that their body will be in a horizontal position”, — said the Secretary of security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani.

the Escalation in the middle East caused great concern to UNESCO. It reminded Washington of the international conventions which prohibit strikes on cultural heritage.

the Pentagon wants to know if his Department is going to violate this prohibition? He replied evasively, saying that the United States will follow the laws of war.

“the United States had already proved their absolutely blatant disregard for international law and the principle of inviolability. This schizophrenic approach is in violation of international law to threaten to bomb places of cultural and civilizational heritage,” responded Javad Zarif, Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran.

the Theme of the murdertva General Soleimani, the Iranian foreign Minister planned to raise at the meeting of the UN security Council. But the US refused him a visa. Although had to do it as the state where the headquarters of the United Nations.

China urged the US not to interfere with the event.

“the Results to representatives of all countries visas and the creation of conditions for their participation in the activities of the UN, is an international obligation of the United States as the receiving state. Urge the United States to fulfill its obligations as host party and create conditions for work of the official representatives of other States at meetings of the UN,” said Geng Shuang, the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry.

Using the tension of the situation in the middle East, the USA strengthen its presence there. According to the Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the Pentagon, Washington plans to send to the region an additional 200 soldiers and six bombers.

a critical question is about the future of the nuclear deal. The foreign Ministry of Iran announced that they are ready to return to the full performance of the obligations. And according to the Ambassador of Iran to the United Nations, Iran does not intend to develop nuclear weapons.

“No, we are not interested in developing nuclear weapons. We have a very clear religious prohibition on nuclear weapons from our Supreme leader. Defensive doctrine of Iran does not imply the possession of nuclear weapons. “So we don’t want to possess nuclear weapons,” said Majid Takht-Ravanchi, permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations.

the Conflicting news coming from Iraq: first, the press leaked information that the Western coalition hastily withdrawing troops from Iraqi territory.

Later in the Pentagon called the letter a “draft” and announced that it was published in error.

what immediately responded to the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova: “the Pentagon said was a mistake sending Iraq a message about preparations for the withdrawal of US troops. I propose to fix the word “error”and then tomorrow you will start again on “Russian hackers” or RT nod”.

the Situation in the middle East has escalated so much that the UK reduces the number of employees of diplomatic missions in Iraq and Iran. Germany peredoziruet of the soldiers from Iraq to Kuwait and Jordan.

Fleeing from Iraq and the American corporations. Part of workers to evacuate an oil and gas company Chevron. It said that till things calm down, to monitor the progress of work on the deposits will be local employees.