Iran has warned against attempts at espionage in the area of exercise with Russia and China

Any intelligence apparatus, which will be noticed in the area of exercise of Iran, Russia and China, will be destroyed, said the Deputy commander of the army of Iran Habibullah Sayari.

Exercises “Maritime security Zone” held in the Indian ocean, they will last until December 30. Their purpose — working off of measures to combat terrorism and Maritime piracy and regional security, reports TASS.

“Many countries, of course, would like to know what is happening there. Activated and scouts, but the joint exercises is not a joke, and we are not kidding. Any device, such as swimming and flying will be down in the area of exercise. Previously, we showed it,” said Habibollah Sayari.

the Maneuvers come amid a series of incidents that occurred in the region of the Persian Gulf – Strait of Hormuz in the summer of this year and significantly exacerbating situation there.

the Last major exacerbation occurred in September. Then, several drones attacked the oil infrastructure of Saudi Arabia. Responsibility for the attack was taken by Yemeni rebels, the Houthis, however, Washington did not believe them and accused the Iranian authorities.

In June, the Iranians shot down an American strategic unmanned aerial vehicle, flown in the airspace of the Islamic Republic.