Iran invited the United States to investigate the crash of the Boeing

Iranian aviation authorities have invited the national Council for transport safety of the United States to join the Ukrainian investigation of the crash “Boeing” near Tehran.

Ukrainian Boeing 737, which was to perform flight Tehran — Kiev, crashed Wednesday after taking off from the airport of the Iranian capital. On Board were 167 passengers, including 63 a citizen of Canada, and nine crew members, they all died.

According to CNN, the possibility of the arrival in Iran of American experts is a significant event, it will allow Boeing to take part in the investigation of the incident. However, this creates a difficult situation: to the American experts were able to come to Iran, local authorities will need to lift some sanctions, RIA Novosti reports.

Earlier, the Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said of cooperation of their country with Canada in the investigation of the causes of the crash.

President of the United States, as well as the premiere of Canada and the UK almost simultaneously accused Iran in the crash of a Ukrainian plane, before the completion of the investigation, and to the deciphering of the black boxes.

earlier this information catapulted the sites linked to Western intelligence agencies. Iran denies such accusations. The goal of Western leaders is clear: after the hard response of Tehran to the murder of General Soleimani need to put Iran in the most unflattering light, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Aviaexport arrived in the Islamic Republic. Today, they start decoding data of the flight recorders, stated in the civil aviation Organization of Iran.