Iran: Ukrainian Boeing was shot down by anti-aircraft missile complex

the civil aviation Organization of Iran said: the Boeing 737 of airline “Ukraine International airlines”, which crashed near Tehran on 8 January this year, was hit by two rockets of a class “earth-air” short range, fired from anti-aircraft complex “tor-M1”. This was reported by the Agency Bloomberg, referring to the second preliminary report on the investigation of the crash.

As specified, rockets were fired at Ukrainian airliner from the North. Bloomberg does not other details about the results of the preliminary investigation conducted by the Iranian side.

January 8, Boeing 737 of the company “Ukraine International airlines” crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran, reminds TASS. The disaster has killed 176 people: the citizens of Afghanistan, Iran, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, and subjects of Sweden and the UK.

10 January, the head of the security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov said: as one of the causes of the crash of an airliner SBU considers a missile hit the “tor”. 11 January, the General staff of the Armed forces of Iran have acknowledged that the plane was shot down by a calculating defense of the capital region. As explained by the commander of the aerospace forces of the revolutionary guards General Amir Ali Hajizade, recognition mistook the Boeing for a cruise missile.