Iran until he decrypts the recorders are destroyed

Iranian experts to independently decode the flight data recorders downed by Ukrainian Tehran liner. The head of the Department of accident investigation civil aviation Organization of Iran Hassan Rezaeifar media reported Sunday that authorities are still considering the possibility to send the black boxes to study abroad. If a positive decision is made, the recorders of the Boeing-737 will send to Ukraine and France, TASS.

on Friday, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine sent to Iran to re-request to transfer to Kiev “black boxes” of downed aircraft.

Boeing-737 of the company “Ukraine International airlines” on January 8, fell through a few minutes after takeoff from Tehran. Killed 176 people from Afghanistan, Germany, Iran, Canada and the Ukraine, great Britain and Sweden.

As explained by VKS commander of the revolutionary guards General Amir Ali Hajizade operator air defense system fired missiles at the plane because of an error recognition system, which is considered a liner for a cruise missile.