Iranian conflict divides the Western political establishment

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad was posthumously awarded Qassem Soleimani order in recognition of his contribution to the fight against terrorism.

the operation to destroy the Iranian General Soleimani was needed — like a mantra every day says in his Twitter the President of Donald trump. No matter how reliable was intelligence: the American leader and so everything is clear. “Lying media and their partners-Democrats stubbornly out was the “inevitable” future attack by terrorist Soleimani, and was the harmony in my team. The answer to both questions is a resounding “YES.” But it really doesn’t matter, given his horrible past!”, — trump wrote.

the President is supported by the Secretary of state. Mike Pompeo reiterated the official American version of events. “There is no terrorist except Osama bin Laden, on whose hands there would be more American blood than the arms Soleimani. He killed more than 600 American patriots. Some of them I know are young people. The conscience Soleimani, including the recent attacks on American troops in Iraq,” said Mike Pompeo.

In response to generous charges, administration trump the urge to cool the hot head and to proceed with caution in the volatile region. “Wrong, if the United States or we will offer to change the regime. I believe that the necessary restraint. The problem is that no one, including John Bolton or Donald trump – nobody knows who might come to power if to lose her religious leaders. We must act responsibly. But of course, it is also important that people in Iran know that they are watched by the whole world, and that they have support,” said Wolfgang Ischinger Chairman of the Munich international security conference.

Proof of world wide support of actions in Iran steel frames, which were published by the Agency “Tasneem”. In the crowd of protesters forlabelled British Ambassador. The head of the British foreign Ministry said that in response to the arrest of the diplomat will demand an apology of Tehran. “I declare clearly: Robert Makar wasn’t part of a political protest and not involved in the shooting. His detention without any reason and any explanation is a gross violation of international law”.

the Events of recent days has split Iranian society. While some are protesting the American and British embassies, demanding to stop the interference, others are outraged by the belated – in their opinion – the recognition by the authorities of the guilty in the crash Boeing Ukrainian. Mixed and dissatisfaction with the fact that the victims of the crash are buried much more modest than the General Soleimani. Meanwhile, Tehran insists that did not hide the causes of the disaster, just took me a while to identify those responsible. And error the military cited as the result of provocations by the United States.

“We do not trust the Americans. I think if we go on assignment, they further increase the pressure. Unfortunately, we are unable to clearly explain to people why we resist the United States. This man Donald trump is not credible. He thinks he can force us to retreat by pressure on the common people”, — said the official representative of the government of Iran, Ali Rabia.

To an open military confrontation neither Tehran nor Washington is ready. But negotiations no hurry. While the US is thinking about new sanctions package, Iran will organize an exhibition of achievements in the field of peaceful nuclear energy at Bushehr, near the famous nuclear power plant.