Ironic anniversary: the boyar remembered, I woke up with

In the “Destiny of man” – Mikhail Boyarsky, who on 26 December marks 70 years. The actor, who played about 150 roles in movies that have become beloved by millions of viewers (among which, in particular, the “dog in the manger”, “Gardemariny, vpered!”, “The eldest son” and dozens of others) has admitted that he does not like to celebrate individual anniversaries.

So in the program to congratulate him on the 40th anniversary of the film “D’artagnan and three Musketeers”, which, as recognized by the boyars, has played a key role in his life.

however, Valentin Smirnitsky, who played Porthos, they remember funny episodes from the life we were shooting the legendary painting.

the Premiere took place on 25 December – on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Mikhail Boyarsky. Actors with a laugh, I remember as I fell asleep at the premiere, as well as a curious case when meeting.

When they arrived at the shooting of “the Musketeers”, then quarreling about the accommodation in the hotel, but then decided to get acquainted.

Meeting started in the evening in the hotel restaurant, and the next morning they woke up together Smirnitskii in the same bed in the room of the boyar.

the Actors recall how he studied fencing and riding, as acted out in the Quartet of the song “Rejoice in his lifetime” and answer the criticism of those who at first called the film “cheap”.

However, the national love soon “caught up” with the actors who played in this movie, and Mikhail Boyarsky has since been and remains “the main musketeer” of the country.

However, the image of Mikhail Sergeyevich is inextricably linked with blue-white-blue scarf of the fan of “Zenith”. Boyarsky says that the love of football from his childhood, when his parents took him to the stadium.

For favorite team was sick half of the troupe of the Theatre named Komissarzhevskaya, where he served his parents, and little Mike with his father shouted: “Zenit” forward!”

“now does my grandson”—says the actor and adds that he doesn’t know what the magic of football, “but once they get sick, how to recover is already impossible: it’s for life”.

In the interview with the YouTube Koschevnikovi Mikhail Boyarsky tells the tragic story of their ancestors. His grandfather, the Archbishop of Ivanovo and Kineshma was shot in 1937.

years Later, the boyar knew who gave out the sentence, and admits the actor, there was a desire to take revenge. “But as a believer I couldn’t do,” — says Mikhail Gorbachev.

Recently, he accidentally saw the footage Chronicles, which flashed his grandfather, and recognized it, though never seen in life.

Under what tragic circumstances in ‘ 42 killed the brother of Mikhail Boyarsky? How often does an actor thinks about death, and that, in his opinion, can man her out?

Why was he afraid to marry Larisa Luppian? Really knows how to embroider a cross, and taught their grandchildren?

What did the mother Boyarsky on the set of “Musketeers”, and why he was initially reluctant to star in the film, which became fateful for him?

Why stole from the shooting of a goat and who brought it? And that wished the actor on the anniversary of his famous children – became the Deputy of the state Duma Sergei and to continue the dynasty of the brilliant actress Elizabeth?

the colorful life of the popularly beloved actor Mikhail Boyarsky in the day of his anniversary in the program “the Destiny of man with the YouTube Korchevnikov” on TV channel “Russia 1”.