Is it possible to go to the bath with the animals?

the TV channel “Russia 1” the doctor Alexander Myasnikov answered the popular question – “can we go to the bath with the animals?”

“Today, Saturday, bath day. Many will go to the bath – go and I” – shared butchers and answered the question they often ask: is it possible to go to the bath with a pet? The doctor told the story of his cat who loved to walk with the master to the bath.

“My cat one time came with me to the bath. It sat on the shelf, purring. 95-100 degrees and high humidity, and he sits! The son promised to “sit out” the cat in the bath and not to leave the steam room before him. But quickly gave up. The cat is so used to “bathe”, that begged to go to the bath, as soon as I started to sink her.So with animals in the bath you can walk!” – allowed the butchers.

Also, the doctor will often ask questions: can I go to the sauna after a stroke, after a heart attack, diabetes and other diseases? “The key word here is “for fun”. Bath should be comfortable, this is rule No. 1,” explained butcher. He thinks a bath is everything but cool (about 60 degrees) and short (about 15 minutes): “Bath should be fun! No obligations!”

It is also advised to go to the bath after the little exercise, saslavsky on the studies of Japanese doctors. “Bath must be earned,” – said the doctor.

But the main rule – to the bath have to go sober and a little hungry. “And plus smart! Need out of the bath to make therapeutic physiotherapy procedure and just have fun, and go back to hurting yourself, not worth it”, – concluded the butchers.

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