Comedian and TV presenter Garik Kharlamov said that divorcing his wife, actress Christine Asmus. According to him, their relationship began eight years ago, but on Earth nothing is endless.

Kharlamov noted that their path with Asmus does not end, but goes to another stage, which will always be a place of friendship and respect. Garik drew attention to the fact that he and Cristina will remain loving parents of a beautiful daughter.

the Presenter stressed that the decision to divorce is not affected by any pandemic or the notorious film in which Asmus has played a candid scene. “It happens in life. This happens”, — said Kharlamov.

Entertainer shared on his page in Instagram that there’s a divorce process. Garik Kharlamov asked not to be disturbed, neither he nor Christine Asmus and their family members during this difficult period. “Speculation and conjecture will abound in different public servers and forums”.

Kristina Asmus, in turn, also announced on the social network about the divorce. According to her, this is not a HYIP, but a well-considered decision, formulated a year ago, before it became “mainstream”. The actress said that with Garik they get a divorce without dirt, with great respect to each other.

Comedian and actress got married in 2013. In early 2014 they had a daughter.

Earlier, the husband of Polina Gagarina, Dmitry Iskhakov has confirmed that they do not live together with his wife.