It is an insult: Israeli and Polish ambassadors to Ukraine are outraged by the Bandera procession

Not a holiday, but an insult — so the ambassadors of Poland and Israel in Ukraine described the past in the country of celebration in honor of the 111th anniversary of the birth of Bandera. Diplomats have said the Ukrainian nationalists, who consider it an ally of Hitler his idol, all of whom Bandera’s supporters murdered during the Second world war. However, the ambassadors, of course, addressed not primarily to the participants of the torchlight procession, and the authorities who allow these processions, and in some places even encouraged. As Ukraine was taught a lesson of history?

the Latest headlines of the Israeli press: “a Thousand torches in honor Nazi collaborator”, “Who will confront the problem of anti-Semitism in Kiev?” Who actually were the so-called heroes who were celebrated in Kiev, recalled the ambassadors of Poland and Israel: “Remembering our innocent brothers and sisters killed in the years 1939-1945 in the occupied territories of Poland that are now part of Ukraine, we, the ambassadors of Poland and Israel, believe that honoring the people who actively promoted ethnic cleansing, is an insult.”

the Footage, which has led to an international scandal, every day consider all the details and the Ukraine, and abroad. It was not just a town meeting — mass rallies almost all over the country.

In Zhytomyr — the drums and torches. In the river flags threw on the shoulders of guys who are 10 years yet. In Ternopil people in robes who call Bandera and his “father”, the cold is singing a song about the attacks of Muscovites. In Lviv, the children marching with flowers to the monument to Bandera.

The mass rally in Kyiv. Flags, torches… In the hands of the people — portraits of Bandera, the veterans of the ATO. Kiev city administration posted a huge portrait of Bandera — leader of Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (banned in Russia), which account for a lot of war crimes. In the distance the flag of the UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia) — right-wing party.

Infrom the boy’s neck, tied the black and red flag with the symbols of the Ukrainian insurgent army (banned in Russia) involved in the Volyn massacre, when were brutally killed thousands of Ukrainians who refused to collaborate with the nationalists. Despite this, the protesters on the streets calling the people on the posters of “heroes” and resent the current government.

the Former Deputy Oleg Tyagnibok, for example, did not like new year’s President Zelensky, where he said that no matter whose name is on the Ukraine called the streets.

“learn to live together in respect for the future of my country where no matter how a street is named, because it is lighted and paved, where there is no difference, what kind of monument do you have a girl you’re in love with,” said Zelensky.

“Them all “who cares?”, if only the world were we — for the world. Only we are for peace in the Ukrainian conditions. We do not want peace on terms exactly. We don’t need the world to here ran the Moscow aggressors and the Russians. We need Ukraine and the Ukrainian national ideals,” — said Tyahnybok.

the Former President of Ukraine Poroshenko in his address spoke about the prospects of Ukraine’s accession to the EU. But do Europeans such values? Special attention to the ambassadors of Poland and Israel drew on the fact that the Lviv region local regional Council adopted a resolution to allocate money for the celebration of nationalist Andrew Mennica, which during the great Patriotic war addressed personally to Hitler, asking shoulder to shoulder to go with units of the Wehrmacht. Lviv regional Council has not stinted on the honoring of the nationalists Ivan and Yuri Lypa.

“the Lviv regional Council adopted a decree on the allocation of public funds in 2020 in memory of Nazi collaborator Andrew Miller, as well as xenophobic, anti-Semitic and anti-Polish writer Ivan Linden and his son, Yuri Lypa, who is the Creator of the racist theories of the Ukrainian race. Currently our governments do everything possible to prevent further attacks on Jews that occur in different countries, as well as to prevent attempts to distort the history of the Second world war”, — reads the statement of the ambassadors of Poland and Ukraine.

the Ukrainian nationalists have demanded to expel the ambassadors of Poland and Israel, promising that a quiet life in Ukraine, they will not. Ukrainian authorities are silent.