It's not so simple: why in Saransk raised HYIP with the painting of the hospital fence

“the fence Is more important than the lives and health of seriously ill people?” — a rhetorical question from a well-known Russian portal. At the same time — comment on the videos from the capital of Mordovia. Footage shot near the Republican clinical hospital. Despite the somewhat shaky image, you can see a large number of people in protective suits. They all do the same — paint the metal fence.

the Case seems to be everyday, if not a message indicating that the household brought the physicians of this hospital. Say, qualified employees instead of having to treat patients — “half a day has updated the fence.”

the Situation is odd. Moreover, the hospital now redeveloped for the reception of patients with the coronavirus. That clearly is perceived as an aggravating circumstance. So illogical the attitude of the hospital administration to the medical staff, naturally, did not remain without attention. There was a very unpleasant questions.

Internet public first posted the video as some people in protective suits painted in Saransk the fence of the Republican clinical hospital named Katkov. The authors aggressive ask is health workers or municipal services?

“Not enough, in principle, the normal journalistic training: have to ask — who are you, why are you doing this? We are talking about main street of the city — tomorrow, the 24th day parade, well, wanted to make a sensation out of nothing — did nothing — turned out fake,” says Vladimir Nazarov, the Chairman of ROO “the Union of journalists of the Republic of Mordovia”.

In instant messengers and social networks flew venomous headlines and comments: supposedly in the hospital for a “team-building in Mordovskaya”. Allegedly, the doctors instead of cure in the early stages, by order of the authorities took up the brushes and buckets of paint.

“are engaged in household services. Protective clothing protects from dustwhether from mud, from paint and household work associated with some discomfort about this”, — says Vyacheslav Shchapov, RM the chief doctor of the Republican clinical hospital No. 3.

the Hospital is number three in Saransk is not the first time under the gun feykometov. Easter stuffing too was. About the gifts, it was like did not see the addressee. “Allegedly, this hospital was delivered some gifts to the doctors before Easter, but then it turned out that they made a mistake, was supposed to deliver to the infectious diseases hospital allegedly took gifts, promised to bring the other — and in the end nothing was done. That is, they intentionally provoke people on certain protest actions,” says Catherine Mizulina, Director of the safe Internet League.

Gifts for doctors then collected the entrepreneurs of the region, and all received. However, odious the public is not appeased. Writing, they say, there are not enough doctors in Mordovia. And media, which replicate the current fake with the fence, add about some “problem soon.”

“of Course, this is not true! So 64 ambulance daily provide medical assistance to the population, including, of course, and patients with community-acquired pneumonia and hospital — Coveney or nicovideo. Medical staff all our hospitals are fully provided for”, — assured Oleg Markin, Minister of health of the Republic of Mordovia.

Hospital name Katkov — the largest in Mordovia coronavirus hospital, she redeveloped now, there are more than three hundred beds. Statistics of detected cases of coronavirus suggests that the work of doctors enough. And the statistics of recovery — that they cope with it. Well, behind the facade of watching those on the farm.

“it’s not only the fence is painted. There’s still painted curbs and cuts grass. It seems to me, to the Day of Russia — a normal thing, when the largest hospital of the Republican order. Are we talking aboutwas virali — chief physician — the forces of economic services. That is, no doctors are not distracted from their duties,” — says Oleg Kashtanov, the chief editor of the newspaper “Izvestia Mordovia”, co-regional headquarters of the popular front in the Republic of Mordovia.

We wrote to the authors of Saransk public, but the answer to them, apparently, nothing. Well it’s not hype to catch on doctors. Which are engaged in the business.