Official representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova commented on the article Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Moravcova on the Second world war. The diplomat called it another attempt to rewrite history, and suicide of the author.

On his page in Facebook Zakharov wrote a long post, which criticized an article Moravcova. According to the representative of the foreign Ministry, devoting material the Holocaust, Prime Minister of Poland made it the basic essence of some false points. Zakharova noted that lies and manipulation have become a true co-authors of Polish politicians, who speculate about the Second world war. Morawicki wrote about the alleged 45 years of Soviet occupation that cost millions of lives. The diplomat said that on the contrary, the Soviet Union began a massive program to rebuild the country’s economy, destroyed by the Nazis. Zakharov stressed that thanks to the Soviet Union, Poland gained land that had previously belonged to Germany and was among the founding countries of the United Nations.

foreign Ministry spokesman drew attention to another lie Moravcova, which consists in the fact that the Red army supposedly not liberated Warsaw. While Zakharova noted that dozens of monographs and scientific papers based on documents that prove the heroism of Soviet soldiers.

In the conclusion of the post, the diplomat said that the material Moravcova this is not an article, and “suicide” in the form of four pages that the Prime Minister of Poland killed a man.

Polish politician in an article for Politico repeated the arguments that the regimes of the Soviet Union and Germany were equivalent. Moravicki allegedly maintains that without the resources and military support from the Soviet Union Berlin could not restore the army, to defeat Poland, France, and to prepare for the Holocaust. In addition, the author considers that the Red army supposedly “looked at the agony of Warsaw” in 1944 during the uprising, while Joseph Stalin did not gave Prikas to help the city.

Earlier, Maria Zakharova have commented on the actions of the Polish side. For example, the diplomat was surprised by the failure of Warsaw to celebrate the liberation from the Nazis. Also a representative of the foreign Ministry commented on the resolution of the Seimas, which refers to the equal involvement of the USSR and Germany by the beginning of world war II.