Ivanovo - Tekstil, parachutes, and

July 1, Russia will solve a question on assignment of a rank “the City of labour valour”. On applicants our TV tells us every day. Today, Ivanovo, where during the war trimmed soldiers and collected the famous “lorry”.

the First military winter for Ivanova turned out to be the most difficult. Energy savings, meager rations, evacuation, housing seal, cold, mobilization (volunteers went to the front of 70 thousand inhabitants). But the factory was working.

before the war was famous for the Ivanovo textile industry, and in 1941 went into the lead. Only melange complex released 94 million meters of fabric, providing a form of 12 million soldiers.

“Our plant clothed the army, and other companies for cotton underwear were produced, and cotton and gauze, and parachutes” — tells the curator of the Museum of the works of Valentina Kuldoshina.

In fact light industry were incredibly heavy.

“Before the war, the weavers worked four to six machines, but under high compaction, to compensate for the departure of workers to the army, passed on 12-14 machines”, — says doctor of historical Sciences Vladimir Colothin.

In a foundry plant girl sharpened the body of the mortar, and after the change worked in hospitals — helped doctors.

Master automotive factory in the literal sense of the piles of metal were collected by the famous “lorry” — during the war, nearly four thousand trucks.

“the Car crashed… Came — the door was not, the front wheels… — says the veteran of the plant Alexander Savichev. — Machine dismantled, washed, and two or three were made one”.

How many parachutes released legendary Ivanovo factory “Flight” and is difficult to calculate the millions: in time of war the factory was classified.

“what was made during the war? It turned out that the dome is square in shape, made of percale, which is used dabout still. Cotton slings, very simple pack, simple grid system,” says lead designer parachute factory Mr Maleev.

Ivanovo helped the country and povolume and blood. And it’s not a metaphor for the war, the city surrendered more than 100 thousand liters of blood! Today Ivanovo is a modern well-kept city. For tourists it print region, the city of brides, Russian Manchester, by analogy with the English trading center of cotton fabrics. But for the Ivanovo it is primarily an example of courage, bravery, willpower and hard work.