Ivanovski physicians allocated 83 million rubles for the work with COVID-sick

the Next tranche of the additional payments to doctors working with kovid-sick, goes to the regions. The Russian government approved the amount for July and August. In the Ivanovo region will be sent 83 million rubles.

support Measures for doctors and nurses of ambulances, working in dangerous conditions was announced by the head of state. The President personally addressed the issue of additional payments to doctors to the salary increase affected every, doctor coronavirus. Initially decided that doplaty will be for April, may and June. Later it was decided about their continuation in the summer.

we will Remind, the government will allocate 20 billion rubles for payments in June for doctors and ambulance staff who saved coronavirus patients, and are near infected people. Payments will be extended for July and August, said the head of the government Mikhail Mishustin June 25 at the Cabinet meeting.

the Total amount of subsidies to physicians exceeds 5 billion rubles in the framework of state support. Earlier Mishustin signed a decree on the support of the Federal educational, scientific, and medical institutions in the amount of 15.8 billion rubles during a pandemic. Funds are allocated from reserve Fund of the government.

As reported STRC “of Ivteleradio” aired on the TV channel “Russia 1”, allowances in the region provided for three thousand health workers.

Text: TV “of Ivteleradio”