In Russia 29 Jun begin a trial exam. This year with the aim of preventing the spread of coronavirus infection in schools will be taken special security measures. The first test for students will be held on July 3.

For boys and girls first exams are often stressful. How to prepare for the test, not only in terms of knowledge, but also psychologically?

Experts give the students some simple but effective tips.

psychologist Urban psychological and pedagogic center of Moscow Anastasia Kuznetsova said that tune in to success will help the conventional “jacket confidence”, as well as the technique of “breathing in a square.”

“Imagine that somewhere in the closet do you have “jacket of confidence”” that in any (d
the most difficult) situation, the ability to customize for successful overcoming of difficulties”, — says the expert.

Going for the exam, she advises to take it with you to the exam.

“If the tone at some point leave you, imagine how wearing this “jacket confidence” in yourself. This will return you faith in success,” — said the psychologist Agency city news “Moscow”.

there is Also a simple psychological technique that will help to cope with anxiety in the exam. We are talking about the so-called “four phase breath” or “breathing square”.

Imagine in front of a square. For four counts breathe in, as if we rise from the lower left corner of the square up.

On the following four accounts — exhale, as if moving from left to right on the upper side of the square.

Then again for four counts breathe in, as if down from the upper right corner of the square down, and finally, once more, exhale for four counts, moving along the bottom side of the square, says the psychologist.

Kuznetsova also recalled that during the preparation for the exam you must rest, not foto renovate training and not try to catch it.

Better to adhere to a peaceful, comfortable pace: the repetition of the material to be alternated with rest.

in addition, it makes sense to make a “check-list” to enter information about what you need to do in the remaining time before exam time and directly on the morning of the test.

That, said the expert, adding peace of mind and confidence that will not be missed are important. And, of course, must be adjusted on success.