Jackie Chan nearly drowned on the set of new film

Jackie Chan who essentially performs all stunts himself, without the involvement of stuntmen almost died on the set of the movie β€œthe vanguard”.

65-year-old actor at a press conference to promote the tape, which is due out January 25 – the first day of the New year on the Chinese calendar, told how during the filming of the episode in the open sea trapped under a rock, could not free himself and risked drowning.

At the time, said Jackie Chan, he tried to be calm and not to panic. The actor admitted to reporters that he could die during the filming of this episode, I realized only later – in the evening when taking a shower.

fortunately, the crew reacted quickly and saved the actor, reports The Star online.

In his professional career Jackie Chan has repeatedly been on the verge of death – for example, when jumping from one building to another or hung on the helicopter.

In September, Jackie Chan was supposed to fly to Moscow, but due to a sudden change in the schedule couldn’t do it.

But the actor, who was in Russia a huge number of fans, apologized to them, recording a video message in Russian with a Declaration of love.