Jamie George is impressed with the athleticism of the current England squad, which he believes can compensate for their lack of international experience against Japan and New Zealand. Despite the mix of veterans and newcomers in the team, George is confident that the sheer athleticism and success at the Premiership level of many players will help them perform well in the upcoming fixtures.

The team’s coach, Steve Borthwick, has put together a squad that combines youth and experience, with an emphasis on speed in the back row. Players like Ben Earl, Tom Curry, and Sam Underhill bring mobility and dynamism to the team. George specifically mentioned the impressive speed of Ollie Sleightholme and Immanuel Feyi-Waboso, who have caught his eye during training sessions.

Ben Earl, in particular, has been praised for his performance in recent years, with Borthwick describing him as a senior leader with exceptional athleticism and dynamism. George highlighted Earl’s speed and versatility, suggesting that he could excel in various positions on the field. As England prepares to face Japan and New Zealand, Earl’s skills will be crucial in the upcoming matches.

In anticipation of the tough matches ahead, England’s conditioning guru, Aled Walters, has been working on preparing the players for the challenging conditions they will face. George acknowledged the significance of facing Japan, noting that former coach Eddie Jones will have a strategic plan in place to test England’s abilities. Jones’ emphasis on playing a fast-paced game aligns with the team’s strengths, but George recognizes the unpredictability of Jones’ coaching style.

As England gears up to face formidable opponents in Japan and New Zealand, the team’s combination of athleticism, speed, and skill will be essential in securing victories. With players like Ben Earl leading the charge, England’s prospects look promising as they head into these critical fixtures. George’s confidence in the team’s abilities and his admiration for his fellow teammates’ talents highlight the camaraderie and determination within the England squad.