The health of the former leader of the National Front (FN) worries those close to him. The now 95-year-old has been hospitalized several times in recent years. So much so that, since February, he has been placed “under legal protection”.

Information revealed on RMC by Louis Aliot, vice-president of the National Rally (new FN) and former companion of Marine Le Pen. And confirmed by his lawyer François Wagner, who assured AFP that Jean-Marie Le Pen had been the subject of a future protection warrant in mid-February.

In mid-April 2023, the man was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. His daughter, Marine Le Pen, then declared on RTL, “My father is doing gloriously at his 95th birthday, and so it requires from time to time a few trips to the hospital to make adjustments, so to speak. But he is doing well and I thank everyone who inquired about his health.”

What is the difference between a future protection mandate and a guardianship? This legal protection regime is similar to that of light guardianship which allows one or more people to be designated in advance to represent the agent on the day he or she will no longer be able to manage himself, explains the Internet user’s site. In detail, this plan includes assistance in personal life, but also management of all or part of the assets. A regime activated by the court at the request of the family after a medical expertise which noted the incapacity of Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Since then, it has been the three Le Pen daughters, Marine, Marie-Caroline and Yann, who now manage their father’s interests and businesses. Which therefore raises the question of the man’s ongoing trial.

If Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughters can now intervene in his affairs. The latter nevertheless retains all of his rights. “The future protection mandate does not cause the principal to lose his rights and his possibility of carrying out legal acts,” recalls

And right says duty: which means that he must go to court next September in the case of European parliamentary assistants, which concerns suspicions of fictitious jobs operated by the far-right party, recalls an article from Ouest France.

Guardianship therefore raises the question of appearance. If his lawyer assured that this guardianship decision was not taken with this in mind, according to him it would be preferable to “pronounce a measure stating that he can neither surrender nor testify at this trial”. An expert opinion should be sent at the beginning of July, the article reports.