Born in September 1995 in Drancy, Jordan Bardella is the only child in a home where cultures mix thanks to a father who was an entrepreneur in the automatic distribution of drinks and an ATSEM mother, both navigating in the particular context of the Seine- St Denis.

The separation of his parents during his childhood made him experience two distinct environments: the urban density of Saint-Denis and periodic stays in Montmorency, with his father. These back and forths between two worlds forge in Bardella a resilience and a capacity for adaptation which will profoundly mark his personality and his career.

The imprint of his Italian roots, as we learn from France Inter, gives him a unique perspective on questions of identity, integration, and coexistence of cultures. This bicultural heritage becomes a driving force behind his commitment, encouraging him to seek a balance between preserving identities and opening up to others.

Bardella’s political awareness sharpened in particular during the 2005 riots which shook his neighborhood. Barely ten years old, he was confronted with the complexity of French social dynamics, catalyzing his interest and his subsequent political commitment.

Six years later, Jordan Bardella joined the National Front, an act marking the beginning of a political rise inspired by his desire to reconcile his different affiliations and to address the challenges encountered by his generation.

Bardella’s political rise within the National Rally is remarkable. His career is the result of hard work and a certain talent for political communication.

From a simple activist, to vice-president in 2019 then president of the RN in 2022, then head of the RN list for the 2024 European elections, in just a few years he became the figurehead of his party. His youth, far from being a handicap, on the contrary seems to work in his favor, allowing him to represent a new generation of politicians in the RN.

Faced with the 2024 European elections, Jordan Bardella finds himself at a crossroads. If its journey to date demonstrates notable successes, the challenges ahead are significant.

How will he manage to convince beyond the traditional RN electorate? Will its youth and dynamism be enough to face the criticism and expectations of a rapidly changing Europe? The future of Bardella, like that of the National Rally, promises to be rich in major political issues.