Even José Mourinho had never experienced that in his long career. The star coach followed his AS Roma’s away win at Inter Milan (2-1) in an unusual setting. Suspended after a red card on Saturday, the Portuguese followed the game from a minivan parked in front of the San Siro stadium. On Instagram he shared some short videos and selfies of his evening in the minibus in a story.

“I’m going to die here,” he said once, visibly nervous. After the win, he cheered on the street in front of the bus with two of his staff before heading to Meazza Stadium to congratulate his charges on their success.

Before the international break in the 2-2 win against Hellas Verona, the eccentric was sent off with a red card from the interior after he repeatedly and loudly criticized the referee’s decisions, delayed throw-ins by the opponent and made wild faces.

In Milan, the 59-year-old celebrated his first victory as Roma coach against one of the four most recently dominant Serie A clubs Inter, Milan, Juventus and Napoli from afar. In the table, the capital city ranks sixth with a mediocre 16 points from eight games, ahead of Inter and Juventus Turin, but still below their own expectations.

At the top of the table, SSC Napoli underlined their strong form and celebrated their sixth competitive win in a row in a 3-1 win against FC Torino – the southern Italians have not lost yet this season. Defending champions AC Milan celebrated 3-1 in Empoli thanks to an eventful stoppage time, in which the home side equalized to 1-1, but Milan then managed to score twice to win.