Joy for the weary quarantine of hearts and brains: the red square has opened a book festival

In Moscow, which started only in the period of the coronavirus festival of the book — “Red square”. Under what conditions it is allowed to spend and do to comply with them?

a Modest bust of Dostoevsky is the mascot and symbol book club — waiting for this moment since the end of March. At the walls of the Kremlin, under the chimes of the Spasskaya tower, again rustling pages, and on the cobblestones of the main square again, without interfering with each other, fit entire worlds and universes of fiction and very real: the past and future, present, romance and drama, war and peace.

“In the current context of writers as healers, healers of a weary quarantine of hearts and brains,” — said the writer, the Deputy of the state Duma Sergei Shargunov.

For all visitors of the festival begins with medical procedures temperature is measured first manually, and then — once again — by the imager.

the Atmosphere is almost intimate. On the recommendation of the CPS, the organizers have limited the number of guests over three days the festival will be able to visit not more than eighteen thousand people. Everyone should get a free pass on the website – give it two hours.

“With the books is returned to a normal life in our country. Remember the words of Joseph Brodsky that freedom was given in order to go to the library,” said Sergey Naryshkin, Chairman of the Board of the Fund “History of the Fatherland”, Chairman of the Russian historical society.

the Paper books with bright covers — new and classic, smell — the same — all this and really miss. Emotions have to keep. Some of the bookshelves, where all fresh and relevant, and by themselves, is a warning.

This signal is a sanitary pause. Stands stop, visitors are asked to move away, starts processing. Floors, walls, tables – all cleaned with a disinfectant solutionOrom. And so — every forty minutes.

the Festival is going on simultaneously in the Internet: the young participants of the literary award of a name of Pushkin the ceremony of awarding the winners watched from their computer screens — it’s safer.

each of the lectures, meeting with readers, the presentation of the festival, of course, very few spectators. The organizers deliberately set a few chairs, and between them is a minimum distance of half to two meters. But every event live online with the help of video cameras is broadcast to the Internet.

my Eyes are burning, I think everyone – writers and readers — they finally saw each other.

“it was So important to say: guys, we are slowly starting to return to normal life. We begin with the red square and give a sign to the entire country that, Yes, we are still in the pandemic, but gently start to get out of it,” said Vladimir Grigoriev, Deputy head of the Federal Agency op press and mass communications.

the festival, as always, the topical, including the birthday of the great Russian poet – lecture, “Boldin quarantine of Alexander Pushkin”.