Just lost: a wife accused of raping daughter told the details

In Tatarstan, the wife of the suspect in the rape of his daughter told the media the details of the incident. We will remind, recently the court has justified Sergey Kukushkin, he was found not guilty of raping his own daughter.

Sergei’s Wife said that her husband just lost, injuries the child inflicted manslaughter, reports Russia Today. In addition, after learning about the incident, she was afraid to call an ambulance, obviously suspecting that her husband may be accused of rape. In it, he called the ambulance substation itself. According to the medical examination, the girl revealed no signs of forced entry, and only superficial wounds.

the Story begins in 2019, reports GTRK “Tatarstan”, aired on the TV channel “Russia 1”. A man became interested in law enforcement when his daughter was in the hospital. In addition to her pectoral wounds, was diagnosed with “damaged genitals”. Opened a criminal case. In court Sergey Kukushkin claimed that after a quarrel with his wife freaked out and too roughly changed the child’s diaper. But the medical examiner at the meeting said that the injuries in girls is not accidental. Prosecutors have appealed the acquittal to the father.

Text: GTRK “Tatarstan”