Kadyrov has supported the Chechens and criticized the authorities in Dijon

the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has commented on the unrest in Dijon, which was attended by the citizens of his Republic. According to politician, the local authorities are unable to bring order to the creative chaos in the drug trade, because the younger generation took matters into their own hands.

Kadyrov in his Telegram channel said that justice had not responded properly to the excesses in Dijon, therefore came to the aid of tribesmen. The head of the Republic called the actions of the Chechens is correct, it is not arbitrariness and solidarity against death-dealing drug dealers. Politician expressed confidence that the residents of Dijon, I’m tired of these “bad people”.

Ramzan Kadyrov said that evil has no nationality. According to him, in any case it is impossible to oppose people on a national basis. The head of Chechnya gave an example that in their Republic after the defeat of the terrorists, they began to eradicate drug abuse. The politician called on leaders of communities whose members distribute drugs, engage in their education.

the Unrest in Dijon began the night of 13 June. Between Caucasians and local residents had a conflict because of a local gang beat the teenager, who comes from Chechnya. After the riots, the French police began to detain the Chechens.