kalingradskaya “Cinderella” — so the Network is now called the participant of the Victory Parade. During the March, her feet came off the Shoe, but the girl did not panic and continued to March barefoot as if nothing had happened. The story reached the commander of the Baltic fleet.

Midshipman Xenia Kalchinskoe, already called Kaliningrad “Cinderella” encouraged the commander of the Baltic fleet for what it is during the Parade lost a Shoe, but not broken ranks.

“it So happened that the u-turn on tram ways someone stepped on the foot, but I had to keep step. In my place anyone would do that”, — said Ksenia Kalicinska, ensign anti-aircraft missile regiment of the air defense of the Baltic fleet.

Looking like a minting step, the servicemen of the Baltic fleet, the audience did not realize that in the ranks there was an emergency situation. Video Shoe left on the pavement, shot someone off the balcony. The video quickly spread on the Network and began to gain likes and enthusiastic comments.

the Command appreciated the dedication of the ensign. Admiral Alexander Nosatov gave Xenia a commemorative medal and thanked him for the resistance.

“Ensign Kalicinska, who was walking in the parade, showed strength, stamina and courage. System is not brought down. And no one – neither I nor the commander of the parade — did not even notice that a soldier continued movement marched without shoes,” said commander of the Baltic fleet Alexander Nosatov.

It was her second parade. Midshipman Kalicinska responsible for military training and have been training for a month daily. After the incident she was not upset, plans next year to pass through the area of Kaliningrad on the Victory Day. And her lost slipper was found and returned, though not a Prince, and Kaliningradians, who appreciated her self-control.