Kaliningrad Cinderella who lost his Shoe in the parade, was awarded the medal

“the Letter was handed to me for something that did not panic and kept our composure,” — said the TV channel “Russia 1” petty officer, assistant anti-aircraft missile regiment of the air defense of the Baltic fleet Ksenia Kalicinska. She became a heroine of the Victory parade in Kaliningrad.

the Girl told that during the reversal of the column going behind a colleague accidentally stepped on her foot and Shoe came off. Ksenia did not leave the system, despite the loss of shoes. “I couldn’t draw a “box” and veterans who watched the parade.”

by the Way, the audience of lost shoes noticed. “This is the friend where I stayed barefoot after the parade found loss. So I’m not angry with her”, — said Kseniya.

the Certificate of Xenia was awarded the commander of the Baltic fleet, Admiral Alexander Nosatov. The girl also presented a commemorative medal of the commander and a bouquet of flowers.

24 June in Kaliningrad, as in many other cities of Russia, Victory parade was held, earlier postponed due to the coronavirus. The convoy of 75 units headed tank T-34. He was followed by guns, anti-aircraft missile systems, tactical missile systems, rocket systems of volley fire. In the sky flying military aircraft and helicopters. The parade was attended by fifteen hundred people.