Kaliningrad oblast has officially opened the tourist season

In Kaliningrad are waiting and lovers on the Baltic and those who had traveled only to the South or in foreign countries. That will be able to offer them the most Western region of Russia?

it Seems that it is Krasnodar region and the Crimea. The atmosphere is very similar — here’s the sea bathing, and dining and entertainment on the boardwalk. But no, it’s Kaliningrad oblast. The coastal strip of the Baltic sea hoping to attract this summer, those tourists who could not travel abroad and in the Russian South has already visited.

this region has its own specialty. Fewer people, colder water, lower prices. A weekly ticket can be purchased for 30 thousand rubles. Planes fly here from 15 regions, launch a Charter program. From July 1 to resume railway communication with Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“the Charter was the first to launch with 24 numbers and the number is expanding. Now 15 cities in flight program involved. Soon start another trip to Kazan”, — said Anton Alikhanov, the Governor of the Kaliningrad region.

Svetlogorsk — perhaps the main resort town on the Russian Baltic. Beach ready to open, wash the sand, preparing to boardwalk major reconstruction — soon there will begin to build hotels and medical centers. Those hotels that are already open — booked for July and August at 85 percent. At check in guests have fever, I suggest antiseptics.

“Stricter control of cleaning room stock. Use kvartsevanie after each visit, and only then the maid comes. 2 the maid costume. One for dirty work when cleaning in progress. She cleans and dresses up in a clean apron, and she’s already being cleaned with clean linen and room for another guest,” explained Elvira Afanasyev, the Manager of the boutique hotel of Madame L.

the Official start of the tourist season in Kaliningrad gave the Governor Anton chief Executive officer and the head of the Federal tourism Agency doguzova Zarina, who came to the region not only to work but also to relax.

“of Course, there is not enough sufficient number of rooms. We have to build hotels 3-4-5 stars. In fact, we need hotels in all price categories for our citizens, and we will work on it. Of course, you need to develop the infrastructure in the resort cities”, — said the head of the Federal tourism Agency of sarin doguzova.

waiting In the Kaliningrad and foreign tourists, e-visa has significantly increased the inflow of foreign tourists to the region, a hundred thousand people managed to arrive at him before the closing of the borders.