Kalmykia celebrates the 100th anniversary since the proclamation of autonomy

Kalmykia marks the 100th anniversary since the proclamation of autonomy. Over a century of history the share of residents of the steppe Republic took many tests.

Sacred pagoda in the centre of Elista sparkles from the sun. Stepnoy, Republic of Kalmykia is celebrating the anniversary of their autonomy.

Exactly 100 years ago, the descendants of the Western Mongols were United under a red banner of the young Soviet Republic.

in the Winter of piercing wind, and in summer it is hot to plus 50 degrees. Exhausting heat out even the birds.

In such harsh climatic conditions Kalmyks lived for centuries. Animal feed Republic. Horses, sheep, camels and cows of local breeds known throughout the world for their ruggedness and endurance.

the Region gives the country meat and wool. High-quality natural products. Basically goes malozaselennyj wool of good quality.

With water deficit. To pasture land is not seized of the desert, introducing irrigation. Irrigation system in Kalmykia is not for grain or vegetable crops, but in order to grow Lucerne — the perfect treat for cattle

Over the last century of the Republic the share of Kalmyks dropped a lot of tests. But thanks to the resilience and fortitude nor the years of repression, nor the hardships of exile life did not break European Buddhists. They returned home to new life and to build a future in their native land.