Kardashian gave his daughter a jacket of Michael Jackson for $ 4 million

the American actress, model Kim Kardashian gave her six-year old daughter’s velour jacket, which belonged to the singer Michael Jackson. According to the mother, the child is a big fan of the artist.

About a unique and expensive gift to Kardashian told in the Stories on his page in Instagram. According to her, the thing is Michael Jackson was able to acquire at auction. The price of the lot she did not elaborate, but the Daily Mail reports that the cost of the jackets is 65,6 thousands of dollars (about four million). Kim Kardashian says her daughter North was very impressed with the surprise.

In velour jacket Michael Jackson was spotted at the birthday party of actress Elizabeth Taylor in 1997.

Earlier it was reported about another concert of the American musician jacket, which was worn during his first solo tour. Exclusive thing sold for 298 thousand dollars.