Karjakin became the fourth in the ninth stage of

the Russian rider Sergey Karyakin, along with Navigator Anton Vlasyuk took fourth place in the standings ATVs on the ninth stage of the rally-marathon “Dakar-2020”, which takes place in Saudi Arabia.

Karyakin overcame the distance of the special stage in 4 hours, 11 minutes and 9 seconds behind the leader at 10 minutes, 27 seconds. The first three places went to Americans Blade Hildebrand (4:00.42), Mitchell Guthrie (+0.58) and Casey Currie (+3.30).

“the stage began to wonder: twisted tracks, the stones had a lot to fly and to go right, – he wrote Karjakin in Instagram. – Then on the wheel of our buggy Can-Am Maverick cracked disk. After 70 km it cracked the second disc, and the liaison – cracked third. The wheels start to pull, but, thank God, we only stayed for one change. Had to drive 60 km to poluspuschennyh wheel. Lost, of course, at top speed, and cornering. But overall the stage went well for us. Well, that was the area of service where we put new wheels”.

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In the overall ATV leads Curry (43 hours 51 minutes 49 seconds), the second Chilean Francisco Lopez Contardo (+23.37), the third – Karjakin (+41.26).