Kazan taxi driver suspected of raping a passenger with HIV

In Kazan on suspicion in rape of detained a taxi driver. His victim, as reported STRC “Tatarstan” became HIV infected passenger.

According to investigators, the evening of 13 November, the owner of “priors” picked up 31-year-old woman. On the way to the Soviet area of the city, the client was asleep, and this took the taxi driver: he turned to the village Flocks and began to molest a woman, demanding sexual attention. The rapist did not stop, even warning the victim that she was HIV-positive.

“He raped her and committed acts of a sexual nature,” said the Republican Department of the TFR.

To the crime 36-year-old man admitted. The test results, the office does not.

Earlier in the Pestrechinsky municipal district of Tatarstan 44-year-old woman with HIV came into intimate relations with a teenager. The incident occurred back in 2016, when the suspect came to visit a friend, and went to bed with her son and his younger sister. That a woman infected with HIV, he learned only in October 2019, after which told parents about the incident. Fortunately, the medical examination showed that the teenager didn’t get it.