Experts Roskoshestvo to the world day of food safety on the basis of his own studies has identified five best and five worst categories of products. What you can eat and what should be approached with caution? In each category the experts calculated the percentage of safe deliveries of the total number of studied brands.

the Russians are advised to refrain from their favorite for some combination of barbecue and brandy. The meat product is first in the list is unsafe. Alcoholic beverage took the third position. The use of “kebabs under the brandy,” as he sang in one of his songs, honored artist of Russia Sergey Trofimov, can be highly undesirable for human health.

Experts Roskoshestvo noted that safety tests were not 16 brands of cognac. The most common violation is that the drink is made from alcohol non-grape origin.

on the second place On danger is a favorite by both children and adults — product- glazed curd bars. On the fourth and fifth lines — sausage and cereal. Experts recommend with caution to the dumplings, stuffing is “Home”, the caviar, because in such products, they found E. coli, antibiotics, and exceeded the number of microorganisms.

as absurd As it may sound, but the safest product is recognized as vodka. 97.9 per cent of the investigated brands, producing a strong alcoholic drink, are harmless to the consumer. Safe also referred to as beer and tomato juice.

In second place for security — unrefined sunflower oil (88.2 percent), the third — dryer (81,8 per cent). Completing the top five leaders of buckwheat and sour cream (72,2 and 72 percent, respectively). Experts also noted worthy quality of strawberry yogurt, chicken broilers. Details of the study can be found on the website of Roskoshestvo.

thoselakanal “Russia 1” on Saturday aired “Test”. It experts Roskoshestvo weekly testing products available in the domestic market. In the short transfer consumers learn how to choose a quality and popular variety of sausage — sausage, despite the fact that it is included in the list are not recommended for use products.