Khajimba sent to the Parliament of Abkhazia resignation

the President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba resigned. At the head of the Republic has been officially confirmed. Now the decision to dismiss must accept the country’s Parliament; the session will start in the first half of the day on Monday.

Vice-President Aslan Bartsits said that he could not perform the duties of the head of state, and in this case, according to the Constitution of the Republic, these powers are transferred to the Prime Minister of the country.

Earlier, the Central election Commission appointed the extraordinary presidential elections on March 22, according to the Supreme court.

Presidential elections were held in Abkhazia in the fall; supporters of the opposition parties demanded to cancel results and to appoint new elections. They can participate and new candidates.

According to the leader of the opposition Aslan Bzhania, all legal rights Raul Khajimba as a former President would be fully respected.

the Opposition gave the civil guard seized four days ago the building of the presidential administration. At present, almost all the protesters dispersed, reports TASS.