In a match of the regular championship of the Continental hockey League “AK the leopard” on departure has beaten “the Tractor” with the score 4:2. For Kazan this victory was the fourth in a row, and Chelyabinsk in turn was defeated in the fourth game in a row.

the winner of the match by two goals scored by Emil Galimov (2-I, 27-I minute) and Dmitry Voronkov (24, 47), and Danis Zaripov scored two assists. The owners of the ice the goals were scored by Christian Thomas (52) and Igor ‘ Isaev (55).

In a parallel match “Motorist” lost “Barys” with the score 2:4. The team of Nur-Sultan scored Corban knight (16), Nikita Mikhaylis (32), Linus, Widell (39) and Dustin Boyd (60), and the Yekaterinburg – Rafael Batyrshin (21) and Eugene Moser (55).

“AK bars” with 76 points in the lead in the Eastern conference, “Barys” (69 points) it is located on the third line, “Motorist” (65) is in fourth, and “Tractor” (45) on the 11th.