Kiselev reminded Putin

an Interesting public reaction to the Message. According to research VTSIOM, it is mainly positive, even considerably more positive than the Message of a year ago. However, if you delve deeper, Putin proposed a new design of power may carry, in my opinion, the risks and even dangers, because when the formation of the government is given to the Parliament, deputies and even whole parties might be tempted to push “their” Minister of the purely lobbying of reasons, not necessarily coinciding with the national interests of Russia. And then what? More resistant we become? Does it serve as the development of the country? The theme-that is, isn’t it? And then one train of the state Duma, and next year will be different. What?

If you break the current balance, then the pain can become very many. Because, as you say to have what not appreciate. It is now a huge and colorful country in General in a harmonious balance, but we must admit the fact that Putin is podobral Russia for twenty years. After all, we remember what came before it, when the country was in pieces in the shards that still coasting flew together, but on divergent areas. It hurts to remember and it is scary to think where we all now find ourselves, if not for Putin. Well, to be honest. The experience is still there.

it is Clear that Stalin — the past and deserves a separate detailed assessment. But, starting with Khrushchev and Brezhnev, and then in fact short Andropov, Chernenko weakness, the destructive power of Gorbachev and Yeltsin’s inability does all these our rulers to unite the country? But it’s not. Yes, each had their merits, but because everyone believed that the unity of the USSR, and then Russia is automatically. Well, what came to the end of the century?

Now, even when changes in design of power, President Putin will maintain the stability of the state and society as a condition of development, will give the new government a chance. And then? There is something to ponder. Right?

it is Clear that, as he said now Putin, Russia needs an internal system — a “living, flexible, easy and timely changing in connection with what is happening in the world around us, and most importantly — in connection with the development of the Russian society”. Yes, we need a healthy system of change of power as a condition for progress and social evolution. It’s all clear. What if under these slogans all just crawl away and unbalances? Will remember, as it was now? Examples of something around there. Don’t want to scare anyone, but Ukraine is the same… Can afford it Russia? No, I guess.

Changing state-political structure, one must still be very careful in evaluating the degree of willingness to change our state and public institutions. How they pull a new responsibility? And at what stages we all split? When and what transition periods are needed? It all matters to the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution. And not only to the entire society. People have already discussed it.

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