Confessions of a small inhabitant of the village of Mountain Shield near Yekaterinburg, spoke on the record about the harassment by the wife and mother, caused quite a stir in the urban social networks and has led to large-scale checks by police and the TFR.

“It’s uncle Stas. He once came, then the second time came, but I did not let him, said that our mother had closed. He talked to her pussy I kissed, vodka and beer drinking, and I smoked. He hugged me, hugged me, but I’m tired,” — said the six year old girl. Her words confirmed a four-year sister.

According the man recently released from prison and mocked not only on girls but also on their mother.

“he would Bring other women showed their genitals. Forced girls to watch. This girl constantly comes up to me, says he’s choking her, making fun. The precinct coming and did nothing”, — told the author of the entry.

After publishing videos in social networks in the village moved to the landing of the detectives of the criminal investigation and investigators. Check wait local precinct and employees of social protection, which could lose sight of a family with two young.