Kovalev vs model. The new charges against the boxer

Russian professional boxer Sergey Kovalev remains in the center of the scandal connected with the accusations against him from the American model Jamie Frontz. The girl has already filed several lawsuits against the athlete, who, according to her, severely beat her after refusing to have sex.

Fronts again confirmed to the court that spending time with the boxer in a rented cottage big bear lake, California. Until then everything was fine, but then Kovalev demanded her sexual services, and having been refused, began to beat.

“Kovalev slapped me so hard that my nose literally exploded, — quotes the words of the victim TMZ Sports. The blood was everywhere. The cottage, on the walls, on the carpet. Everywhere.”

Immediately after the first action on the part of the model, Kovalev was arrested and released on bail. Then after several meetings, the court ordered the boxer to pay the girl 650 thousand dollars, but, according to another judge Frantz, it has received only 250 thousand. A court case against the Russians continues and if found guilty, the athlete could face up to 4 years in prison.