Krasnoyarsk Governor about the eco-catastrophe: the need to restore

After the incident in Norilsk an ecological disaster it is very important to everyone to make serious conclusions. This was stated by the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS in an interview, reports GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”.

As the Governor noted, the responsibility for removing accident of this magnitude, first and foremost, rests on the shoulders of the enterprise. However, in no time managed to assemble a large group, including the head of EMERCOM of General Lisin, Minister of industry, representatives of the Ministry of natural resources. Also came to the aid experts of the Siberian Federal University.

There is a technically proven technology collect fuel from the water surface. Was delivered by special containers from a polymer. They collect diesel fuel, said the Governor. Then from Moscow the company “Norilsk Nickel” has delivered specialized capacity large scale.

As Governor, control of the enterprise need the so-called “principle of two swords”. It’s not just about the Rospotrebnadzor, Rostekhnadzor and other Federal regulatory authorities. We need to work together with colleagues on the ground, after all, Krasnoyarsk Krai serves Russian interests.

the Company “Norilsk Nickel” should reconsider, especially, its policy of modernization of production, said Alexander USS. We cannot endlessly exploit the legacy of the socialist past. “Nornikel” should be seriously engaged in the creation of the most advanced industrial and technological base.

the Governor said: Norilsk is a city — factory. Special attention should be paid to the condition of the housing stock. People should live in normal conditions. That is why on the initiative of the regional authorities and the company’s proposed programme of renovation of housing in the city. It is designed for 15 years and will require not less than 85 billion rubles of financing.

Also, according to Alexander USS, a company must pay attention to restoretion and development of scientific and educational platforms in the city. Major institution – Norilsk Institute of permafrost – deals with important and serious issues of life and work not only in Krasnoyarsk Krai but also in the Arctic as a whole. We need to support polar science, the Governor said.

Text: GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”