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Kubicki warns of “panic” and calls for shorter quarantine times


FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki has spoken out in favor of shorter quarantine times in view of the corona failures among staff at clinics in Schleswig-Holstein. On Deutschlandfunk, the Bundestag Vice President said on Monday that the federal states and health authorities could regulate this on their own responsibility, and that the Infection Protection Act, which will apply in its current form until September 23, grants this possibility. Kubicki spoke out in favor of possible free tests with a quick test after just three days. If those infected no longer infect others, they could also return to their service.

“In any case, we will not regulate this by barracking all the employees in hospitals, old people’s homes and nursing homes,” he added.

With a view to autumn, the FDP politician ruled out regulations in the Infection Protection Act that enable curfews, “a nationwide lockdown”, “sector-specific closures” or school closures. “We talk about everything else,” said Kubicki, who claims to be in favor of compulsory testing and masks in clinics, old people’s and care facilities. He also announced a “state clause” so that decisions on corona measures cannot be made by prime ministers’ conferences, but only with the participation of the state parliaments.

“I would warn against spreading panic again now. I think we can deal with the problem better over the summer than Karl Lauterbach or others currently imagine,” said Kubicki. He also does not share the fear of an impending autumn wave. “I think if we have a summer wave, the fall wave will definitely flatten out because otherwise the whole vaccination campaign, all our precautionary measures as a whole wouldn’t make sense.”