Kudrin: the implementation of the actions proposed in the letter, will cost 400-500 billion

To implement social and economic measures declared by the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Message to the Federal Assembly, you will need 400-500 billion rubles per year.

according to TASS, about this community informed the head of the accounting chamber of Russia Alexei Kudrin, calling the sounded measures “quite expensive”.

He stressed that for the execution of the announced measures is necessary to find resources in the amount of about 0.4-0.5% of GDP, noting that the proposed measures for the reduction of poverty can reduce this figure by about 2%.

According to Kudrin, the new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers is now necessary to revise the budget of Russia for three years.

In his message, the President noted that the most important task of the government is the demographic. According to him, by 2024, it is necessary to achieve a fertility rate of 1.7 instead of 1.5. He recalled that the main obstacle to this are the low incomes of 70-80% of Russian families with children.

it is Planned since January of this year to pay those families whose incomes do not exceed two minimum living wages per person, the monthly payments for the first and second child up to three years. The national average size of such payments will be 11 thousand rubles per month.

is Extended to 2026 and the maternity capital program — parents can rely on these funds after the birth of their first child.

currently, the size of the parent capital is 466 thousand 617 roubles. Vladimir Putin proposed to increase it if my second child was born for another 150 thousand rubles.